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Everyday we’re hustling

Shooting films. Getting seen. Pimping up your social feeds.


Short films. Fat content. Flashy gifs. We’re the 24/7 creators here to make it not fake it. A 15-strong collective of independent filmmakers, artists and ideators. No suits. No strategists. No marketeers. Just original originators. Natural born thinkers and doers who love to collaborate.

And we’re endlessly ready to calibrate the leanest and meanest team of short-form video content makers for whatever challenge you channel our way.

Disrupting timelines since 2015

From brainstorm to production, we’re ready to hustle the heck out of web videos, TV spots, campaign films, after movies… if it’s meant to move, we’re gonna put it in motion.

What’s our big idea? Asking what’s yours. Then helping you define it. Already sorted? Sweet. We’ll dive straight in and get our hands dirty building sets, crafting looks, styling vibes and shouting ‘action’.

For us it’s all about the little details. So no surprise we found our niche in short–form content. But you know what they say about size. And there’s nothing we love more than turning pocket-sized into pure social media dynamite.

This is how we roll

We’re Hustlers, so whatever we get our hands on, you bet we’re gonna push it. Stretching creative boundaries to make sure you get all that you want — just as soon as your want gets woke to all the awesomeness that’s possible…

When you work with Hustle, you’re one of us. Show us the brief and we’ll work with you to shake it up, squeeze more in and set out a whole new scope of supercharged objectives.

It starts with your own custom team created specifically for the job. The mix is always different, but the motive stays the same: scrapping the safe bets and finding new ways to add value and deliver surprises on time and within budget. Because Hustling is anything but standard.

Who you gonna call?

Mover. Shaker. Connection maker....
Lou is the Hustler who handles our hotline

  • De Stadstuin - Werkspoorfabriek
  • Schaverijstraat 11 - Unit 2.O.2
    3534AS Utrecht
    The Netherlands

Hit us up. We’re always hungry for a fresh challenge.


I Believe In Monsters
Free Work

Just for fun, we decided to shoot a short sci-fi movie in the summer of 2017. It turned out to be an examination of the effect technology has on human interaction.

  • Nick Cremers DIRECTOR & WRITER
  • Jorrit Huisman DOP
  • Kevin Besselink CAMERA OPERATOR
  • Ruud Vonk EDITOR
  • Marvey Izijk SOUND & AUDIO DESIGN
  • Jurgen van Harskamp COMPOSER
  • Sem van Butselaar ACTOR
  • Kobus Kortman ACTOR
  • Dirk van der Pol ACTOR
  • Lou van Liebergen 1ST AD
  • Maxime van der Maesen PRODUCER
  • Tomas van Buuren CAMERA ASSISTANT
  • Rico Stoops RUNNER
  • Annemiek Swinkels SET DRESSING
  • Robin Bruinsma WARDROBE